Monday, November 30, 2009


the kids and i managed to make it to the daylesford makers market on saturday. what a delight!! i wish i had paid a bit more attention and wore a yo-yo but i will know for next time. our first stop was my ever so crafty friend Laura at her stall 'pink snow flakes'. i loved her prints and it was great to see the pirates (of which we are the proud owner of one). then i got to meet jodie from ric rac. jodie's blog was one of the first that i came across when i started trawling the craft sites. her robots looked even better in the flesh. i got a mushie & gnome kit and my little gal got a skipping rope girl key ring. i never know what to say when i meet bloggers for the first time, i feel like such a novice but aspire to have craft success just like them (one day when the kids are at least at school and aren't constantly asking for things). we did a quick lap because my eldest was 'tired' even though i had blackmailed them with a donut afterwards if they were good. we did a quick stop at the bob's botique stall (trip to bendigo for sure!) and the dandelion stall so i could check out the divine bunny's. i have a bunny from when i was a kid and seeing beck's creations has inspired me to replicate my childhood bunny for my little boy. i picked up a cute brooch for my spolit gal and then we headed back home. next visit will be without kids so that i can talk to people without someone pulling at my arm. it was a very inspirational visit and i've decided to have a go at trying to sell some of my wares.

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