Saturday, October 24, 2009

a little bit country

while the kids were devouring icy poles on our lovely warm day, i got busy with the wallpaper border that i had. an absolute comedy of errors! firstly, little did i realise that it didn't actually have the glue on the back already so i had to use a glue stick instead. secondly, tried to sew the cover to the paper and it just went crazy and then tried to trim the book with a small paper cutter. got there eventually and hopefully the others will work out better. what do you think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

pretty flowers

i just had to post this link. i got one of my mags in the mail today and after a look on their website, found my way to here:

the flowers are so pretty and call out 'spring'. what's even better is that it uses scrapes of felt of which i have heaps!

another project to add to the ever expanding list!

in the sunshine

the warm weather is just delicious. the kids and i have had a few picnic's (both indoors and outside) with our newly acquired picnic basket from the op shop. it was my find of the week! i just love the bottle holders. i figure that i can always use it to hold my array of knitting needles and wool (in my other life i am an acomplished knitter - like i said in my other life!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

well time flies when your trying to get stuff done. unfortunately, the owls are still without eyes. i want them to be perfect - story of my craft projects. try to make things perfect, get fustrated and put them aside whereby they never get finished. i will get them day! on a happier note, went to daylesford the other week with my pal Laura and our troop of kids. it was a cold day (how unusual!) but managed to find this cute wallpaper border from the bazaar as recommended by Allison from Lark. i'm thinking of making some books and covering them with the paper. we are on a farm but to have it on the wall would be overkill and hubby just wouldn't be into it! what do you think?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well in between mowing the grass and washing the car (yawn), i managed to try my hand at japanese owls. I found some on the net and immediately went searching for a pattern. I still have to add the eyes and the bottom so that they sit up a bit better, but so far so good. I tried some suede material aswell but it just came out ugly so i think i'ii stick with the felt and denim. i'ii post once i find some cute buttons and finish them off!