Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Market Day

i have some very exciting news. i have been accepted for a stall at the Daylesford Makers Market on Easter Saturday. i'm over the moon but also a bit worried. will i get everything made in time? will anybody like it? are my prices ok? i've got most of my material so i will be sewing in every spare moment for the next few weeks. if anybody can recommend a good supplier of printed ribbon so that i can sew my name onto the stuff, it would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day (something about a con by Hallmark and florists) however the kids are getting into things this year. little miss has made cards for her brother and dad (isn't it always the case that mum misses out) and mr wants a card from me too. the kids are going to get some very old style love hearts candy that i found in the supermarket the other day.

i found the tags from good gravy design. perfect.

if i had more time, i would also perhaps make a LOVE plate . maybe for our wedding anniversary later in the year?
heart shape pancakes are on the menu tomorrow morning, with perhaps a rose from our garden.
have a great Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative space

well i never got to have a look through my Cath Kidston books so my creative space has taken a rest for today. I have however devoted this week to getting the kids stuff organised. We have had to crank up the organisation a bit, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when i work. Even before i get to work, i have 3 drop-offs to contend with. mr and missy in the middle are next door to each other and then little mister is dropped off elsewhere. i have already been told off by mr for being late to school (all by 30 seconds) to pick him up.

i needed somewhere for all the bags, lunch bags, reading bags and whatever else was needed. This pic is my handmade rack. I still have to add blackboard to the squares so that i can write any notes to remind myself but its a start.

while taking this pic, little mister managed to get out the front door, into the rain and pull out the dirt from my pots. he is trying to hide behind the post so that he can stay outside.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh happy day part two

Saturday's trip to the Daylesford Makers Market was enought to make me very happy but my latest find tops it off. Cath Kidston overload!!!!
I have both of Cath's books. I got "Make" on clearance at a newsagency not knowing who she was but became immediatley interested once i looked inside the book. I bought "Sew" as soon as it was released and the other week came across some Cath Kidston mugs. I bought two, one for myself and one for my friend, Laura. Our birthdays are only two days apart and our gifts always have some sort of craft/sewing theme about them.

This isn't any old mug, it is massive. I get a double caffine hit whenever i have a cup of tea (lucky i don't drink coffee). the lady did suggest that it could be used for ice-cream. a coke spider late at night is a definate possibility but for today i am going to make myself a cuppa and have a go at one of the projects. odds on, the drink will get cold and i won't get past page one before the 'kids' interfere. Mmmm, maybe i'ii just go the coke spider instead!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh happy day...

well yesterday was a glorious afternoon (all be it 2 hours) for me. for a start the daylesford makers market was on. not only that, but i got to have a look without my 3 young kids in toe! last time we went to the market, my son so kindly said that he wanted to go as soon as we arrived.

off in the car i went, packet of fantales with no-one to share them with, a nice cold can of coke (i know will rot my teeth but it's my one vice) and the music so loud it nearly burst my ear drums. HEAVEN!!!!!!! ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!!!!!

i got to meet some great gals, jocelyn from Bye Bye Birdie who has also just started blogging. she gave me a great tip for my shoe bags. cam from curly pops who gave me some great advice on the stuff that i want to sell myself (thank you so much), ceci from ceci bean and dana from twiglet.

i did go on a bit of a spending spree, most of it for my little boy who only has hand me downs from his big brother and a couple of toys which are supposed to be presents but will probably end up in my office!

the reversible jacket and bib are from twiglet, the butterfly sunnies case from curly pops, the rocket t-shirt from cecibean and the birdie from vintage chenille. a lady from broomfield made the elephant.

all too soon it was time to go home but i did get a chance to stop by the antique shop in creswick and picked up some supplies. i promised the lady i would make her a hankie envelope with one of the hankies that she gave me.
after seeing the market, i have made a resolution to bite the bullet, ignore my fears and have a go at a market. watch this space!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something a little old world

it has been very busy in our household. someone has started school and someone else has started kinder! after much labelling, they were all set to go.

i needed an outlet so i made this hankie envelope and added a sachet of lavender. i stitched up each side which you can see and then blind stitch on the angle.

i got this hankie and a couple of others at an op shop a while ago and wasn't quite sure at the time what i would use them for. i found them while cleaning my 'office' (actually looking for something else which i never found) and it just came to me. i love the old style embriodery. now of course i will be on the hunt for more whenever i go to an op shop!