Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party like it's 1999

well i can't even remember what i was doing on new years in 1999. i was certainly pre kids so it would have been a big night. tonight we are spending a quiet night at home. mr has to go out and check that the 'irritators' are still running and the kids and i are exhausted from a week at the beach. watch a movie with a strawberry dacquiri and chocolate and off to bed. as long as little mister doesn't wake with teeth coming through it will be bliss!

didn't manage to take pics of any of my xmas pressies, couldn't find any charged batteries and they needed to be wrapped. take my word for it, i was pretty impressed. next year i want to make more.

managed to make this for a friend who has just had a baby girl. all my kids have got them in their room to hang pics on.

happy new year, haven't decided on my new year resolutions - yet. will keep you posted.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pain (hole) in the bum

well unfortunately the only sewing i have been doing of late is fixing holes in my husband's pants, which to say the least is a pain in the bum! he usually rips a pair a week and he had run out of pants alltogether so i've been doing a pair a night. very unexciting!!!!

i was able to have a look at a couple of very cool shops in ballarat the other day with just mr bubba as the others were at kinder. glorious. treated myself to a very pretty dress, then had a look at vintage blonde and got a very cute shopping bag and paper lanterns, and my fav was dear prudence. my pal laura has got some of her stuff in there so i went in for a sticky beak and had a lovely chat to Kelly. will definately be returning to try on some vinatge clothes!

today i actually had a op shop win. even with 3 kids and 35 degree heat, we hit the shops and i thought i would try my luck, with the kids behaving, not necessarily trying to find something. anyway, found this crochet pillow and blanket. probably not quite the right time of year but worth putting away for when winter returns. would love to make the pillow into a bag but i can't figure out how they sewed it all together. crochet is on my to do list so if anyone has any suggestions???

Monday, November 30, 2009

Anyone for a picnic

after our inspirational trip to the market, i got out one of my many projects determined to finish something! this is a cutlery roll (not very exciting) however is part of a christmas present. i got a bundle of tea towels a couple of weeks ago (unfortunatly not vintage) however they also match the fabric i got for my kids deck chairs that i am re-covering. i'm planning on making a matching napkin holder.
time is of the essence. i have made a christmas plendge to either make something or buy something that someone else has hand made. so far so good.


the kids and i managed to make it to the daylesford makers market on saturday. what a delight!! i wish i had paid a bit more attention and wore a yo-yo but i will know for next time. our first stop was my ever so crafty friend Laura at her stall 'pink snow flakes'. i loved her prints and it was great to see the pirates (of which we are the proud owner of one). then i got to meet jodie from ric rac. jodie's blog was one of the first that i came across when i started trawling the craft sites. her robots looked even better in the flesh. i got a mushie & gnome kit and my little gal got a skipping rope girl key ring. i never know what to say when i meet bloggers for the first time, i feel like such a novice but aspire to have craft success just like them (one day when the kids are at least at school and aren't constantly asking for things). we did a quick lap because my eldest was 'tired' even though i had blackmailed them with a donut afterwards if they were good. we did a quick stop at the bob's botique stall (trip to bendigo for sure!) and the dandelion stall so i could check out the divine bunny's. i have a bunny from when i was a kid and seeing beck's creations has inspired me to replicate my childhood bunny for my little boy. i picked up a cute brooch for my spolit gal and then we headed back home. next visit will be without kids so that i can talk to people without someone pulling at my arm. it was a very inspirational visit and i've decided to have a go at trying to sell some of my wares.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Place and Yours: Through the Front Door

I had my morning cuppa and my daily internet look when i came across Meet Me at Mike's blog theme, My place and Yours: Through the Front Door.
so this is my front door, the one we use at least. the kids and i get to see every car, truck, tractor and any other machinery pass our house. normally it is pretty quiet. it is great to see the paddock change throughout the year. sometimes it has spuds growing in it or sheep and cattle shading under the single tree.

this is the old front door. it has a beautiful art deco feel about it but is impractical for us to use. i often have the door open on hot days and you can feel the cool breeze come through the house. i try to sit in the chair and read but the kids think i'm playing hide and seek!
Either way, welcome to my house!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For milo

i managed to get this bag finished over the weekend. it is for a little boy named 'milo'. he has an older brother so i knew that would have all the boy clothes, so i made this for him. i found some dinosaur material that i had with heaps of denim lying around. the front pocket and the bag itself are both lined. not bad if i do say so myself!

Friday, November 6, 2009

off and racing!!

well i didn't make it to the melbourne cup, didn't see the cup on the tv but i was in a race of my own with a handicap of 3 children on tuesday trying to get some jobs done and a bit of crafting. very confusing in town as some shops were open but others wern't. i did manage to make this bag when i got home! it doesn't have a clasp but you put the bigger 'hoop' through the smaller one and use that as the handle. it can hang off your wrist which is what i like.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I had forgotten that i had taken this pic. the kids and i had a teddy bear's picnic for playgroup last week and we decorated some teddy biscuits. i used the donna hay icing recipe and they were delicious!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

a little bit country

while the kids were devouring icy poles on our lovely warm day, i got busy with the wallpaper border that i had. an absolute comedy of errors! firstly, little did i realise that it didn't actually have the glue on the back already so i had to use a glue stick instead. secondly, tried to sew the cover to the paper and it just went crazy and then tried to trim the book with a small paper cutter. got there eventually and hopefully the others will work out better. what do you think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

pretty flowers

i just had to post this link. i got one of my mags in the mail today and after a look on their website, found my way to here:

the flowers are so pretty and call out 'spring'. what's even better is that it uses scrapes of felt of which i have heaps!

another project to add to the ever expanding list!

in the sunshine

the warm weather is just delicious. the kids and i have had a few picnic's (both indoors and outside) with our newly acquired picnic basket from the op shop. it was my find of the week! i just love the bottle holders. i figure that i can always use it to hold my array of knitting needles and wool (in my other life i am an acomplished knitter - like i said in my other life!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

well time flies when your trying to get stuff done. unfortunately, the owls are still without eyes. i want them to be perfect - story of my craft projects. try to make things perfect, get fustrated and put them aside whereby they never get finished. i will get them day! on a happier note, went to daylesford the other week with my pal Laura and our troop of kids. it was a cold day (how unusual!) but managed to find this cute wallpaper border from the bazaar as recommended by Allison from Lark. i'm thinking of making some books and covering them with the paper. we are on a farm but to have it on the wall would be overkill and hubby just wouldn't be into it! what do you think?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well in between mowing the grass and washing the car (yawn), i managed to try my hand at japanese owls. I found some on the net and immediately went searching for a pattern. I still have to add the eyes and the bottom so that they sit up a bit better, but so far so good. I tried some suede material aswell but it just came out ugly so i think i'ii stick with the felt and denim. i'ii post once i find some cute buttons and finish them off!

Monday, September 28, 2009

One Step Forward

Well I've finally done it!! I finally pulled my finger out and have started my own blog! Determined to keep it updated but I'm not making any promises. I found so many other 'crafty' blogs with great ideas, I thought I just have to do the same. This frame is in my 'work office' although it should probably be in my 'craft office' according to my hubby. Lots of half finished projects, material, books, you name it I've got it.