Monday, January 25, 2010

Decision time

i feel like i'm on a roll after my success with my two bags made in one night - i still can't get over it so now i want to finish my ultimate project. one which started nearly 4 years ago and has very much haunted me.
this bunny alphabet is for my daughter. i thought of it when she was born, she turns 4 next month. the letters were the easy bit but i'm just not sure what color fabric to have as the background. i don't want to start then have a change of mind, unstitch and start over again. originally i thought of the pink gingham but i don't want it to be too pink so i have tried the yellow aswell but that just doesn't do it for me. what do you think? at this rate she will be getting it for her 21st.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The woman who lived in her shoes

today is supposed to be spring cleaning in summer day but who can be bothered right? i had itchy fingers to make something, so i made... wait for it....shoe bags!!!! i have recently bought a couple of pairs on sale and when i got to cleaning the closet this morning, i saw the evidence.. the boxes. of course i have to get rid of the boxes before mr sees and hide the shoes in the back of the closet. the only problem being that they then get ruined with all the other shoes. so my solution was to make shoe bags. i had some calico lying around and off i went. they have been really quick to make and i was able to keep sewing in between the kids playing and asking me for food! it also makes it look like i've got less shoes as some bags have 2 pairs. all i need to do now is to find my fabric pen so that i can label the bags otherwise i'ii forever be looking in all the bags to find the pair i'm after!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a record

Well i don't think that i have EVER completed two, yes two projects in one night but i did!!!! i saw the blog on curlypops about the tea towel tote and knew straight away that i had to make one. luckily i had the perfect tea towel but had to wait until yesterday when i was in town to pick up the twill tape.

while i was thinking about the tea towel it came to me that i could do the same with pillowcases, even better they would be lined.

so here are my two finished totes.

the brown one was a tea towel i'd only picked up from spotlight last week for a $1. it will be used as a shopping bag. so cool, if it gets dirty, i can just pop it in the wash with the other tea towels.

the while pillowcase was an op shop find for i think 50c. i sewed it so it still has the scallop bottom. i love the embroidery - it has that old australia look about it. it will get too dirty for every day use but i think i might use it as a craft/sewing bag. i was going to add buttons to the end of each strap but i think it made it look too busy.

so what do you think? i did stay up until midnight but was able to do it inbetween ad breaks. easy!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anyone for a blueberry muffin?

my pal laura and i and kids (5 between us) made the trip to Bendigo last week. we stopped in at Bob's Boutique (forgot the camera!) and picked up a book of prints and some of the very cute bob wrapping paper. we even managed to look at an op shop and bazaar on the way back to the car (promises of icy-poles were the key!).

driving home we stopped in at Maldon, revisited my youth with the lollies at the lolly shop, and found this gem at the bazaar near the top of the hill. i've walked past this shop on other trips to maldon but have usually had mr, parents or someone else who had no inclination to go in so i made use of the situation at hand. i'm so glad i did. i found this on the rack and immediatley tried it on and it fit. laura said i should be making blueberry muffins in it (i am not the baking type). anyway, i love it, mr hasn't seen it yet so who knows what he will say about it but i don't care cause i love it!!

i was going to keep it for special but then i was reading mia fredemans article and she suggested that you really shouldn't keep stuff for special cause then you'll never get around to wearing it and enjoying it, so i'm going to wear it till it falls off me or i can't fit into it anymore. oh i love a good op shop/ bazaar find!!