Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pain (hole) in the bum

well unfortunately the only sewing i have been doing of late is fixing holes in my husband's pants, which to say the least is a pain in the bum! he usually rips a pair a week and he had run out of pants alltogether so i've been doing a pair a night. very unexciting!!!!

i was able to have a look at a couple of very cool shops in ballarat the other day with just mr bubba as the others were at kinder. glorious. treated myself to a very pretty dress, then had a look at vintage blonde and got a very cute shopping bag and paper lanterns, and my fav was dear prudence. my pal laura has got some of her stuff in there so i went in for a sticky beak and had a lovely chat to Kelly. will definately be returning to try on some vinatge clothes!

today i actually had a op shop win. even with 3 kids and 35 degree heat, we hit the shops and i thought i would try my luck, with the kids behaving, not necessarily trying to find something. anyway, found this crochet pillow and blanket. probably not quite the right time of year but worth putting away for when winter returns. would love to make the pillow into a bag but i can't figure out how they sewed it all together. crochet is on my to do list so if anyone has any suggestions???

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  1. Hi Rachelle, thanks for popping by my blog, I've got my fingers crossed that you will win! You are a brave woman going to the oppies with three kids! Do you go to the Salvos over near Stocklands? It is one of my faves. If you want to learn to crochet you definitely need to visit Attic 24, she has the best tutorials. Also try michelle of the Royal Sisters. I think both are on my blog list so just use the links. Hope you have a lovely Christmas xo