Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting my mojo back

Things are slowly getting back to normal in our household. School is back (thank God!!), better than anything else, paperwork and checks and balances are not ruling my life.

I realise that i need to get my craft mojo back. I haven't picked up a needle since Easter. My fingers are starting to get itchy. I have devised a 2 point plan.

1. To actually take the time out for 'me' and go to the Craft and Stitches show next thursday. I have been to a few, the last one when my eldest was a wee baby (he's now in prep), my first when i was a teenager. I can still remember the first show at the old exhibition building. I went on my own because craft wasn't cool back then. I had saved up my money and was just gob-smacked and hooked!

2. I have been on the wait list for the sew it together saturday craft session for ages. Sheridan emailed me and told me there was a spot - it was like winning tattslotto (just without the big fake cheque and the cash). But anyway, i have advised mr that due to my extraordinary work commitments of late, I think I am worthy of having a day off without the kids to do something that I enjoy.

Note to everyone: if you know someone from Ballarat who is going to either event, i would love to car pool or catch a train ride together.

I can't wait for the next few weeks. I can feel my mojo coming back already (might be the cherry ripe i have just polished off??)


  1. hey Rachelle,
    I can't find a way to email you. I am going to the Saturday craft session but am planning on going on the train. Email me and maybe we can train together !

  2. Yep, I'm training it too 'cept I'll be getting on at Ballan, might need a seat saving?? Be good if we could all travel together!! Let me know...

  3. Just popped by to say hello
    So glad you are having a bit of me-time. We all need that!
    Have a good weekend

  4. Hi Rachelle:

    I'm going from Ballarat too; probably the 7.12 train. Have just emailed Jodie. And yes, Lizzie, it would be good to travel together.
    Cheers, Jan

  5. Hi Rachelle

    Just a quick reply to the comment you left on my blog a couple of weeks back!.... It would be great to travel to Melbourne on the train with some others.... Is there a plan to meet up do you know?