Saturday, May 8, 2010

I can feel it in my toes!!

it has been a whirlwind couple of days but i finally get to tell on my fantastic day at the stitches show on thurasday. i dropped the older two off and mister james and i were on the road. we had a slight detour to monash uni across the road to see my mum. she hadn't seen mister james walk before so he was a show off to everyone (i was lucky to escape with him - i think a couple of the ladies wanted to take him home, 18 months old and he already knows how to charm the ladies!!)

we then made it across the railway tracks and i felt like i was home, all the material, craft supplies, it was unreal. mister james was a very good boy and even managed a sleep so that i could try some of the free crafts. i made a thank you/wedding box and a fabric flower badge. unfortunately his sleep didn't last for me to try the crochet. better luck next time.

i had a great chat with jodie and bought some of her amazing patterns. i told her i would make her badge for next saturday. anyone know if she likes chocolate or potato chips better?? all will be revelaed!

before i knew it it was time to go home. a great start to getting my mojo back. to think, this time next week i will be at sew it together. can't wait!!


  1. What a lovely haul you came home with!

  2. potato ???? you have me puzzled...Can't wait till saturday !!!

  3. Hi Rachelle, Lovely to meet you on Saturday and sit on the Ballarat table with such a great group of creative women.
    I am now following your blog, so I'll be back to say hi!