Monday, May 17, 2010

It's back!!!!!!

well the mojo is definately back after my trip to sew it together on saturday. i haven't laughed so hard in a very long time and that was just the train ride to melbourne.

i had a great trip with jodie and got to give her brooch. i also met for the first time deborah, jan, and then lizzie who joined us at ballan. who needs coffee when you've got some crazy craft ladies!

the day itself was amazing. all these creative gals in the one room. the only time it was quiet was over lunch (when we all had food in ourt mouth so we couldn't talk) and when the group photo was taken.

the 'ballarat' table was a hoot with a couple of other people prepared to put up with our craziness! it was lovely to meet jacinta, trash, holly and ellen.

to top off the day i won a $50 voucher to spotlight. oh delight, to be able to spend it without a care of the world!!! unfortunately i didn't finish any actual project (i have to be consistent with my crafting) but i did get to try my hand at crochet. a big thank you to lizzie who patiently tried to teach me even when i was clearly going off the track! i promise to practice.

before i knew it, it was time to go home. while i thought the train ride down was a hoot, the ride home was even better. who ever thought that 5 crafty ladies could make more noise than a heap of footy fans, but we did. a great end to a fantastic day. thank you sooooo much sheridan. you are worth your weight in gold. i will lie, cheat and steal if necessary to make it to sydney next year. maybe a train ride or bus trip from ballarat to sydney??? i don't think my face would handle it with all the laughing.


  1. It was a fabulous day wasn't it? Great to meet you and all the other wonderful women. Keep up with that practice....!!!

  2. We'd probably get kicked off a plane....

  3. You girls would definitely have the carriage to yourself all the way to Sydney.

  4. It was fun, wasn't it???? And it suddenly dawned on me about the skirt.... you know, the two layered one you said you'd seen on my blog? It's the domesticated skirt that I plan on making for the summer!! So glad I sorted that out.........

  5. Yep, I reckon we WOULD get kicked off a plane! And probably off the train to Sydney, too - probably in Woop Woop. It WAS a ton of fun, wasn't it - and it was the first time I'd ever done that train trip without taking a book. Nice to meet you, Rachelle.