Thursday, October 22, 2009

pretty flowers

i just had to post this link. i got one of my mags in the mail today and after a look on their website, found my way to here:

the flowers are so pretty and call out 'spring'. what's even better is that it uses scrapes of felt of which i have heaps!

another project to add to the ever expanding list!


  1. Very pretty, perfect garland for an afternoon tea. Hey was the mag RealLiving? I got mine today.

  2. these are lovely!! thanks for the link...

  3. these are gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing. And your bag is lovely too - my sister bought me one like this in the UK years ago and it's such a great design. I used mine too much and stuffed too much in it though (always did this with bags - funnily enough before I had kids), so the stitching came undone.... i use it for keeping knitting needles in now.