Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anyone for a blueberry muffin?

my pal laura and i and kids (5 between us) made the trip to Bendigo last week. we stopped in at Bob's Boutique (forgot the camera!) and picked up a book of prints and some of the very cute bob wrapping paper. we even managed to look at an op shop and bazaar on the way back to the car (promises of icy-poles were the key!).

driving home we stopped in at Maldon, revisited my youth with the lollies at the lolly shop, and found this gem at the bazaar near the top of the hill. i've walked past this shop on other trips to maldon but have usually had mr, parents or someone else who had no inclination to go in so i made use of the situation at hand. i'm so glad i did. i found this on the rack and immediatley tried it on and it fit. laura said i should be making blueberry muffins in it (i am not the baking type). anyway, i love it, mr hasn't seen it yet so who knows what he will say about it but i don't care cause i love it!!

i was going to keep it for special but then i was reading mia fredemans article and she suggested that you really shouldn't keep stuff for special cause then you'll never get around to wearing it and enjoying it, so i'm going to wear it till it falls off me or i can't fit into it anymore. oh i love a good op shop/ bazaar find!!


  1. I remember I used to save things for 'special occasions', but they would never be used - now everything gets used day to day! You appreciate it more that way:) It is very gorgeous, brilliant find