Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a record

Well i don't think that i have EVER completed two, yes two projects in one night but i did!!!! i saw the blog on curlypops about the tea towel tote and knew straight away that i had to make one. luckily i had the perfect tea towel but had to wait until yesterday when i was in town to pick up the twill tape.

while i was thinking about the tea towel it came to me that i could do the same with pillowcases, even better they would be lined.

so here are my two finished totes.

the brown one was a tea towel i'd only picked up from spotlight last week for a $1. it will be used as a shopping bag. so cool, if it gets dirty, i can just pop it in the wash with the other tea towels.

the while pillowcase was an op shop find for i think 50c. i sewed it so it still has the scallop bottom. i love the embroidery - it has that old australia look about it. it will get too dirty for every day use but i think i might use it as a craft/sewing bag. i was going to add buttons to the end of each strap but i think it made it look too busy.

so what do you think? i did stay up until midnight but was able to do it inbetween ad breaks. easy!!!


  1. The bags looks great! Well done for using a teatowel too. I used to have a pattern somewhere for making cushions out of teatowels too, might have to find that!

  2. I'm so pleased you left that comment on my site.I was thinking of you this morning and wishing I had written down the name of your blog so I could come and visit. Those bags look great! Send me your email and I'll send you the cutest pic of Pepper and James. See you soon. XX

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks fabulous! Yours is the first one that I've seen made by someone else (other than when my sister tested the tutorial for me).
    If you make a few more, you can even ditch the ugly green bags!

  4. These are such a cool idea!!!!