Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The woman who lived in her shoes

today is supposed to be spring cleaning in summer day but who can be bothered right? i had itchy fingers to make something, so i made... wait for it....shoe bags!!!! i have recently bought a couple of pairs on sale and when i got to cleaning the closet this morning, i saw the evidence.. the boxes. of course i have to get rid of the boxes before mr sees and hide the shoes in the back of the closet. the only problem being that they then get ruined with all the other shoes. so my solution was to make shoe bags. i had some calico lying around and off i went. they have been really quick to make and i was able to keep sewing in between the kids playing and asking me for food! it also makes it look like i've got less shoes as some bags have 2 pairs. all i need to do now is to find my fabric pen so that i can label the bags otherwise i'ii forever be looking in all the bags to find the pair i'm after!!

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