Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh happy day...

well yesterday was a glorious afternoon (all be it 2 hours) for me. for a start the daylesford makers market was on. not only that, but i got to have a look without my 3 young kids in toe! last time we went to the market, my son so kindly said that he wanted to go as soon as we arrived.

off in the car i went, packet of fantales with no-one to share them with, a nice cold can of coke (i know will rot my teeth but it's my one vice) and the music so loud it nearly burst my ear drums. HEAVEN!!!!!!! ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!!!!!

i got to meet some great gals, jocelyn from Bye Bye Birdie who has also just started blogging. she gave me a great tip for my shoe bags. cam from curly pops who gave me some great advice on the stuff that i want to sell myself (thank you so much), ceci from ceci bean and dana from twiglet.

i did go on a bit of a spending spree, most of it for my little boy who only has hand me downs from his big brother and a couple of toys which are supposed to be presents but will probably end up in my office!

the reversible jacket and bib are from twiglet, the butterfly sunnies case from curly pops, the rocket t-shirt from cecibean and the birdie from vintage chenille. a lady from broomfield made the elephant.

all too soon it was time to go home but i did get a chance to stop by the antique shop in creswick and picked up some supplies. i promised the lady i would make her a hankie envelope with one of the hankies that she gave me.
after seeing the market, i have made a resolution to bite the bullet, ignore my fears and have a go at a market. watch this space!


  1. Hi Rachelle, sounds like you had a lovely time! I think your little lavender filled envelopes are gorgeous, you should make more!xo

  2. That's great you are going to market! Have you thought about Etsy at all to start? There is some pretty amazing stuff, and it's a small outlay to have an online presence.

  3. Hello Rachelle, I'm really pleased you are coming to our market with your lovelies xxx